About Us

Who We Are

Presto Integrated Solutions is an integrated technology development company targeted at proffering solutions to fulfil human needs by means of both Information and communication technology (ICT) and electrical solution development. Believing we can stand the tide of events and technological evolutions, we run our flag on a three colour policy. With our red colour signifying our strength and speed of delivery, white signifying distinctiveness & uniqueness and black standing for compatibility. Presto integrated Solutions does not stop at developing efficient yet cost effective solutions, we also deliver outstanding after sales service and support. Because people are forced to adapt to products delivered to them by peer companies, we at Presto Solutions develop our products to acclimatize to the needs of our clients so that our products solve your problems and not you struggling to solve the problems of our products. This is because we believe that “ your ability to be able to choose and buy the best is the true expression of personal freedom”. At Presto Solutions we believe in:
• People
• Technology
• Service

Our Core Values

• Originality
• Creativity
• Professionalism

Our Vision

To lead the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) terrain by inventing locally developed IT solutions; bringing about revolutions in indigenous IT development in Nigeria.

Our Mission

To provide unique technologically powered solutions to meet the growing human needs by delivering creative locally made products with international standards.

Our Philosophy

As a philosophy, Presto Integrated Solutions sees life as a bicycle, on which to keep your balance, you need to keep moving. Movement of course has to be directional and to us (Presto) the direction is forward (ahead), hence, we tell you to “step ahead”.

Some of Our Partners

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Verbum Networks Ltd
Feghas Solutions Ltd
Big G consulting
Digitrans Global systems Ltd
Tourist exchange Nig Ltd
I-geeks Nigeria Ltd
Skyvertex (Taiwan) Ltd