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Integrated IT Educational System - PELi

This solution is for educational institutions. Be it a primary, secondary or tertiary institution. We, at Presto Integrated Solutions develop integrated information technology solutions to fit into the educational system.

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Software Development

Customized software development. Automate your entire work process with our Enterprise Application Software (EAS). Automated Sales Cashier, School Result Management System, Attendance/Registry Software, Library Management Software, Digital Library etc.

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Network Administration

We provide you the options of networking your world, such as: Network visioning, planning and strategizing, Wireless broadband technologies, VSAT internet access solutions, Wide area network installation and maintenance, Enterprise VoIP integration, -Integrated hotspot facilities with prepaid capacity, Network project supervision.

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It's our people that makes an impact on your business.

We are your local IT Experts. We Develop custom IT solutions to suit all business, school and organisational needs.

We believe that "your ability to be able to choose and buy the best is the true expression of personal freedom."

Distant Terminal Connectivity - Fiber Optic, Wireless & Wired

This is your ability to connect distant outlets of your offices, schools, organisations, government agencies and stores for simultaneous operation, data and file sharing, Internet connectivity and central management of information and services. This solution gives your company the ability to manage its branches via high speed internet and intranet and connect distant outlets remotely wherever they are located within the country. This is for companies, organisations, government agencies, schools and other bodies. Fibre optic connections allows you to have long range/distance network put in place, while wireless network can link shorter distances in the metropolises. If your organisation runs its branches within the state, outside the state or outside the country, we can link them all up!

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Device Assemblage

Customized computer systems, Mini PCs, Sales representative of
network devices, Assembling of wireless access points(WAP) and routers,
Assembling of power inverter (power backup devices).

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Power Backup System

Building and maintenance of power backup system, Installation of solar power panels, Online electrical management system.

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